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My Experience at IUMW Made Me the Person I am Today

Batrisyia Nazri Protege, Department of Oil Palm Breeding, Sime Darby Plantation (R&D) Graduate, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biotechnology

I chose to study biotechnology because of its versatility. As soon as I stepped into my degree journey I was able to learn knowledge from all types of areas including plants, marine, animals and so on; so the degree really gave me the opportunity to discover the broad spectrum of career paths that I could take up after graduating.

When I joined IUMW I was involved in a lot of activities and was a part of a number of events too. The Co-curriculum subject is highly beneficial for your portfolio! I was able to be part of performances which truly built my confidence and communication skills; it’s helped me feel like I can communicate with anyone, from all walks of life! These skills and experiences were invaluable and contributed greatly to the person I’ve become today.

If I could do university life all over again, there are some things I would do it differently. I would make a point to be more interested in studying so I could discover biotechnology more in-depth – there is so much to know and to learn! Once you work there will be times where you wished you’d studied harder – university is the time to do it!