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Most of my lecturers were industry practitioners; they shared their insights on what to expect and left us well prepared

Adlina Amirah Binti Hassan
Graduate, BBA (Hons) Finance
Best Student (Faculty of Business) 2020/21
Business Analyst, Asset Management, RHB Banking Group

How it feels to be awarded IUMW Best Student (Faculty of Business)

Firstly, my deepest appreciation goes to IUMW for awarding me the Best Student Award for the Faculty of Business. This would not have been possible without the constant prayers and support from my parents, family, lecturers and friends. I am honoured and grateful to receive such an award knowing that I have met brilliant minds and talents throughout my time at IUMW. This award is not merely just an award for me but it is a stepping stone for me to achieve greater things in the future.

Why I decided to study Finance

My interest in Finance sparked when I first entered my economics class during my foundation. That was when I knew I wanted to do something related to finance in the future. I enjoy crunching and analysing numbers. The course also exposed me to various branches of Finance i.e. Banking, Accounting, Islamic Finance and Capital Markets. My utmost favourite subject back in the days was definitely Investment Analysis and Capital Markets; 2- 3 hour lectures every week really can pass by fast when I’m enjoying something. It is also best to say that even the assignments piqued my interest.

How my degree has prepared me for my future

IUMW and specifically the Finance course has definitely helped me to prepare for my future. Best to say that my lecturers played a major role in shaping and preparing me for what’s ahead of me, as most of my lecturers were industry practitioners before, they managed to share their insights of the industry and what we should expect when we join the industry in the future. IUMW gave me good exposure to all aspects of Finance and at the end of my final semester, I already had something in mind that I wanted to pursue.

What lies ahead for me now I’ve graduated

I was lucky enough to secure a job that really interests me in one of the industries I was looking forward to working in; I’m a Business Analyst, Asset Management at RHB Banking Group. I am also considering taking up professional papers or pursuing postgraduate studies; but at the moment, I am keen on building my career. I will decide which path will suit the future-me most!

My favourite memory from my time at IUMW

Entering a new phase of adulting really hits hard. I now treasure my study days so much and my favourite memory from IUMW is definitely my friends. I actually miss spending hours in the library with my small circle of friends during our study week period and rewarding ourselves with good food and sweet treats after finishing our exam papers, or even at times we had already treated ourselves before our exams finished!

The most important lesson I learned at IUMW

An important lesson that I learned in IUMW is not to be afraid and shy about asking something you’re not sure of, be it studying related or any other matter. In terms of studying, I would always approach my lecturers and friends after class to get a better understanding of something I am unsure of. There will always be someone who is well-versed in something that may help us. My words of advice to IUMW students is to always find support from people around you, follow your own pace when studying and enjoy your university life to the fullest!