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I practised investing in the stock market as part of my finance course which was crazy-fun!

Adlina Amirah Binti Hassan
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Finance, 2017 – 2020

Studying Finance at IUMW

I look up to and respect people with knowledge, and am always in awe when I see where they studied previously. This made IUMW my choice of university because of the collaboration between the University of Malaya and the University of Wales. Having 2 prestigious universities as my background of studies is really something to be proud of!

I studied Finance for my degree; one of the main reasons for this was to get exposure from various branches of Finance and Business – hence, giving me more options to pursue my career when I graduate. My programme is filled with knowledge from Banking, Conventional Finance, Accounting and Islamic Finance. We also have lecturers who were industry practitioners before, so I get to experience what they experienced through their teaching and stories about the real finance world. One of our subjects even asked us to practice investing in the stock market, that was CRAZY fun!

This might sound nerdy but the memory I treasure most was during the study week and exam season. My friends and I would spend the whole day at the library preparing notes and understanding the syllabus. We would treat ourselves to ice creams or bubble tea at the end of the day as a self-reward. Our exam papers were filled with tears – sad and happy ones haha! But after our last papers, it was mandatory for us to celebrate finishing 3 crazy weeks of exams and studying.

Life outside the classroom

Outside of the classroom, I joined the IUMW Netball Sportacular. Besides wanting to stay healthy and fit, I joined Sportacular to get to know people who are outside of my faculty and programme and true enough, I made more friends after being part of the Sportacular programme.

I also joined the IUMW Finance club during my 2nd year. In this club, we organised events and programmes to expose IUMW students to the importance of financial management and this was very much aligned with my self-values of having a good financial record at a young age. It was definitely a one in a million experience. I got to work with people of great talent who were able to come up with brilliant ideas that could really make a change to IUMW. In terms of myself, I am more confident to communicate with people and of course, I gained new knowledge from my fellow club members.

Something to be grateful for is that our university is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, therefore I can easily go café and restaurant hopping around KL with my friends. It’s best to say we have tried every “viral” cafe and restaurant! Besides that, what kept me busy was I used to take part-time jobs as a basketball table’s official officer or I would even join fun runs with my friends.

My plans include pursuing my MBA in Finance and growing further in my career. My one piece of advice for fellow IUMW students – enjoy your university life to the fullest! It is a once in a lifetime experience, make the best out of it. Most importantly, study smart!