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Flying High in the Aviation Industry - Putri Arina Abdul Aziz

Bachelor of Professional Communications (Hons)

Leadership Executive Accelerated Programme, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG)

Meet Putri – an accomplished graduate and professional who has been soaring high since earning her Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons) Dual Award degree from IUMW. Now thriving as part of the Leadership Executive Accelerated Programme (LEAP) at Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG). During her time at IUMW, Putri relished every opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

“IUMW was an incredible chapter in my life. I met amazing people and formed cherished friendships. The diverse community empowered me to embrace adaptability and unleash my creativity”.

Putri is currently in her second year as a LEAP Executive at MAG, stationed in the Group Corporate Communications Department. She plays a key role in shaping and executing strategic communication initiatives for the organisation and project management for other areas of the airline business.

Putri spent her first year in the Product and Design Department and was part of the team responsible for enhancing the overall customer experience throughout their journey.

“Being part of an ever-changing industry is thrilling, and LEAP allows me to bring fresh perspectives and innovation to the table. This enriches the organisation’s approach to problem-solving and decision-making and contributes to continuous growth and adaptation in a highly volatile industry”.

One of her proudest moments came during the MAG Open Day 2022 when she was a panel speaker in front of a 1500-strong audience.

“It was an honour to share my LEAP journey with others. Connecting with the audience and inspiring them was incredibly rewarding”.

Reflecting on her time at IUMW, Putri acknowledges the university’s significant impact on her career.

“IUMW laid a robust foundation for my expertise, providing both essential theory and practical skills. It has been pivotal in shaping my professional journey.

Let’s not forget the significance of networking during university life. Building connections with like-minded individuals at IUMW was immensely valuable as I embarked on the next chapter of my life. These connections gave me valuable insights from various perspectives and proven to be hugely beneficial to my career”.

“My experience at IUMW shaped me into the person I am today, and I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I had at the university”.

Her advice to current students is simple yet powerful: “Take the initiative in pursuing opportunities actively. Embrace the journey of exploration and never stop learning”.