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From Emcee to Strategic Planner: Nik's Journey of Passion and Growth - Nik Amir Hakimi Bin Nik Haniff

Bachelor of Professional Communications (Hons)

Executive Strategic Planning Unit, Media Prima Berhad

Meet Nik Amir Hakimi Bin Nik Haniff, an alumnus of IUMW who has transformed his passion for communication into a fulfilling career as an Executive in the Strategic Planning Unit at Media Prima Berhad. Nik’s journey exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities and channelling passion into professional success.

Nik found his stride as an emcee during his time at IUMW, volunteering for various events. He shares, “It helped me build my confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that you have a huge influence over the success of an event and how it flows is exciting – you’re like a conductor to an orchestra”. This pivotal role nurtured his ability to express his thoughts and ideas without hesitation, expanding his way of thinking.

Upon graduation, Nik embraced small roles in advertising and marketing during internships, honing his skills and making connections. Not long after, his dream of working at Media Prima became a reality, where he currently contributes as an Executive in the Strategic Planning Unit. Nik’s role involves orchestrating large-scale festive campaigns across multiple platforms, fostering collaboration and cohesion. He explains, “I have to engage with all platforms including TV, radio, digital, Out of Home advertising, among others – to contribute and bring them together to create a cohesive campaign”.

Nik attributes his ability to navigate his career to the foundation laid during his studies. His degree in Professional Communication equipped him with the essential skills to communicate effectively in a professional context. He adds, “It really taught me how to communicate with peers in a professional manner. I was able to grasp the idea of public relations which helps me massively in my role, ensuring relationships with external parties are firm and efficient “.

A proud accomplishment that stands out in Nik’s journey is his role in the recent Ramadhan Raya campaign titled “Seindah Kasih.” He took charge of the photo shoot, ensuring that the campaign’s message of humility and forgiveness was portrayed accurately by the ambassadors. He shares, “Seeing my work being shown on TV and in newspapers gives me a sense of belonging and confidence in my abilities.”

Reflecting on his time at IUMW, Nik acknowledges its profound impact on shaping the person he has become today. “Thanks to IUMW, I was able to increase my self-esteem and inner confidence. I believe I’m able to achieve anything,” he affirms.

For current students aspiring to follow a similar path, Nik’s advice is simple yet profound. “Turn your passion into your job. Listen to your teachers and seniors. Listen. Knowledge is power.”

Nik-IUMW-Bachelor-of-Communication (3)
On the set of a brand ad Nik and his team were shooting
Nik-IUMW-Bachelor-of-Communication (1)
Nik in action behind the camera on a brand ad
Nik-IUMW-Bachelor-of-Communication (2)
More on-set action during a campaign shoot