Universiti Malaya – Wales

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Prof. Dr. Rozainun Haji Abdul Aziz PMK CA (M) FCMA CGMA FCPA (Aust.) ISACA ICDM MACD

Prof. Dr Rozainun Haji Abdul Aziz is the Academic Director at IUMW. She received her PhD from the University of Salford, UK, and her M.Sc (Econs) in Accounting and Finance from the University of Wales, UK. Professor Rozainun specialises in Management Accounting, Risk Management and Forensic Accounting.

What’s your teaching style as a lecturer?
A mix of flipped and traditional.

What does a ‘good education’ mean to you?
Learning beyond expectations.

Name your favourite music artist and a favourite movie?
Michael Jackson and Enough

What do you think is one skill that every successful person has?

Name someone who inspires you and why?
My late father, an army officer, full of perseverance, positive and strong in so many ways, my idol.

What do you do to relax or for fun, outside of work?
Go walking around the lake.

How do you overcome difficult situations or challenges?
Careful assessment and evidence-based.

How do you motivate students to keep learning?
Get engaged with them and treat like a friend

Name one thing you do/item you use daily that contributes to a successful day.
Watch a good movie and when I get to, donate to charity

Final words of advice for the students of IUMW?
Study hard because you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it!