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Q&A With Muhammad Shawal bin Abdul Rashid

Muhammad Shawal is the Head of the School of Communication & Technology and a lecturer at IUMW. He is a self-confessed pop culture addict, and specialises in Media Studies, Media Effects, Journalism, Social Media, & Communication Psychology.

What’s your teaching style?
I would say laidback. My classes consist of real-life examples, like what is happening in the industry, pop culture discussions, and more.

What does a ‘good education’ mean to you?
If my students benefit something from my teaching, I’d say that’s a good education.

Name your favourite music artist and favourite movie, and why?
Britney spears because her music reminds me of a good time. Favourite movie? The holiday because I’m a romantic at heart.

How did you become interested in your subject area and why did you want to teach it?
Honestly, i grew up at the start of new media 2.0 so I wanted to know more about the behaviour around it.

What do you think is one skill that every successful person has?
Discipline, you need it to be successful

What do you do to relax or for fun, outside of work?
TV binge!

How do you overcome difficult situations or challenges?
Honestly, take a deep breath and face it head-on!

How do you motivate students to keep learning?
Think beyond what is asked of you, from there you’ll learn more

What’s the best career advice you would give a student?
Don’t settle, do more, but be aware of your limits.

Name one thing you do/item you use daily that contributes to a successful day
Music! Play a good pop playlist and start the work

Final words of advice for the students of IUMW?
Always strive to be the better version of yourself!