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Q&A With Dr Ng Boon Beng

Dr Ng Boon Beng is a Senior Lecturer at the IUMW Business School. He graduated with a PhD and MBA and is a Fellow of ACCA and CIMA. He worked for 25 years in the IT industry, gaining his experience from both the ASEAN and European regions. He has served in various capacities as Finance Director, Regional Director, and Chief International Auditor.

What’s your teaching style?
Exposition of the subject and invite student interaction

What does a ‘good education’ mean to you?
Leading others into learning the subject being expounded.

Name your favourite music artist and favourite movie, and why?
I have stopped and given up following all of them, as none are good moral characters.

How did you become interested in your subject area and why did you want to teach it?
I began my journey in the 1980s probing the use of computer technologies to spawn the possibilities of amalgamating financial and non-financial data into business-critical insights. It is now known as Business Analytics. Today, professionals are still lacking in talents, skills and perspectives to deploy analytics effectively.

What do you think is one skill that every successful person has?
Ability to assemble data and turning them into insights.

Name someone who inspires you and why?
None. It was my own discovery and self-motivation.

What do you do to relax or for fun, outside of work?
Guitaring and meeting up with like-minded friends to chat on current issues.

How do you overcome difficult situations or challenges?
Pray. Seek God for His wisdom.

How do you motivate students to keep learning?
Showing them relevant facts, possibilities and reality of life.

What’s the best career advice you would give a student?
If you want to be someone successful, you should begin to think like one, behave like one and work like one.

Name one thing you do daily that contributes to a successful day
Pray daily. Have a conversation with God.

Final words of advice for the students of IUMW?
Be truthful to yourself in your learnings, behave ethically in all you do and conduct your life with integrity