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Inter-University Competition

Grand Prizes

From £500 to £2000 for winners (and more!)

Spring 2022

March – May 2022

Want to help save the planet? Do you have an idea for a business?

The Harmonious Entrepreneurship Online competition this year is designed to encourage and help UWTSD and IUMW University students and staff learn about entrepreneurship through generating practical and innovative new ventures that address the sustainability challenge.

Interdisciplinary Teams of up to 6 people (which may include two staff members, provided there are 4 students) will compete online by developing an idea for an entrepreneurial start-up that addresses the Sustainability Challenge, meets the Harmonious Entrepreneurship criteria and embraces the triple bottom line of profit-planet-people.

Six Teams from stage one will be invited to research their idea more fully and present it orally and in writing to a panel of expert judges. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation and feedback. The three winning teams will receive a cash prize, mentoring and support, with the possibility of membership of an online start-up Business configurator, Circklo, depending on suitability.
(All written proposals and oral presentations should be in English)

Stage 1
  • Participants present their idea in a short, written proposal.
Stage 2
  • Participants who reach this stage will prepare a written plan and oral pitch, demonstrating the commercial feasibility of the proposal and determining funding requirements for the venture.
Stage 3 – Winners
  • Prizes are awarded per team (not per entrant) to support winning business endeavours on to their next stages.
  • 1st prize: £2,000 2nd prize: £1,000 3rd prize: £500
Membership of Circklo’s exclusive ‘Game Changers’ Community and where applicable a free place in Circklo’s start-up Business Configurator (the equivalent of almost £3000).

In addition to the financial prizes, the judges will provide feedback to all competitors, and mentorship and funding advice to those who reach the final.

Note: Intellectual Property

Without the protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions. For more information on Intellectual Property visit the UK Government website or Malaysian Government website

HES is an online inter-university competition for teams of students and staff (from any discipline) from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the International University of Malaya-Wales. However, in the academic year 22/23, the competition will be open to students from any university across the world.

Team Information
  • Up to 6 members
  • Teams can include up to two members of university staff (provided there are 4 students)
Phrase 1 Criteria

  • Has the team clearly described the idea?
  • Does the idea meet the HES criteria?
  • Is the idea original or an improvement on existing solutions?
  • Has the team considered how the ideas will be implemented? Have they considered any problems that might occur and how they will overcome them??
  • Is the team convincing? Do they have the knowledge, skills and collaborative ethos fot to make the team work?
  • Is the proposal clear and convincing? Is it persuasive?
N.B At this stage the teams should take the necessary precautions to protect their intellectual property and should not give away the operational details of any innovation involved. Proprietary ownership of the ideas will be ascribed to the team who should ensure it does not infringe any existing intellectual property rights.

Phase Two Criteria

  • Is the executive summary, clear comprehensive and compelling?
  • Is the problem clearly identified and show how the proposed solution will address it?
  • Is the business model explained and show how the venture will produce a bottom line of profit, people and planet?
  • Does the proposal meet the HES criteria?
  • Are there compelling stakeholder benefits to a clearly defined target markers?
  • Are there clear financials included? (Does not have to demonstrate project is feasible)
  • Are funding requirements stated with a plan on how it will be repaid?
  • Is the team convincing? Do they have the experience needed?
  • Has the learning that has taken place been captured?
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Register up until 7th March 2022.

Competition Dates

Launch Event:2 March 2022
Registration by:7 March 2022
Stage 1 deadline for written proposals:27 March 2022
Stage 2 finalists: Deadline for written plans

10th June 23:59 UK / 11th June 6:59 AM MY

Stage 2 finalists: 30-minute oral pitches (incl. Q&A):15th or 16th June (9.15 AM -12 PM) UK, (16.15-19.00) MY
Award Event:30th June 9:30 AM UK/16: 30 MY

Why Join the Competition?

Feedback for each team at each stage
Up to £2k cash prizes for the 3 finalists
 Winner: Mentorship/Incubation support
International media promotion

Competition Guidelines

Find all the information you need about the competition here, including:

  • Stage one: Submission of a Business Idea
  • Stage two: Business planning
  • Post competition information
  • Additional Guidance 

Competition Launch Event

Don’t miss the Launch Event! A day packed full of Webinars & Presentations to Inspire Harmonious Entrepreneurship. 
Date: 2 March 2022
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm GST (5:30pm onwards Malaysian time)
For more information and the full itinerary, download the Event Flyer!

Innovative Students Addressing the Sustainability Crisis


Lucy Hughes graduated from the University of Sussex in 2019 with a degree in Industrial Product Design. In 2020 she launched Marina Tex based on her final year project. The business produces home compostable bioplastic that could replace single-use plastic and help resolve the global problem of plastic pollution.

Award-winning Jeremiah Thoronka from Sierra Leone is a Masters Degree student at Durham University. At the age of 17, when he was an undergraduate in Rwanda, he invented Optim Energy, a device that generates electricity by pressure, heat, vibrations and the weather.

Leigh-Kathryn Bonner set up Bee Downtown while studying at North Carolina State University. The business involves selling hives to corporate partners and maintaining them on their behalf, thus providing a supply of honey, an opportunity for employees to learn from the bees and a healthy habitat for the bees themselves.

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