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1. How do I apply for the PTPTN loan?
  • The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen.
  • The applicant must be 45 years old or below at the time of application.
  • The application must fulfill the requirements of the programme’s entry qualification, as set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
  • The programme enrolled on must be approved by the MOE and registered with PTPTN.
  • The programme enrolled on must be accredited by MQA and within the validity period at the application’s date.
  • For applicants who have different qualifications, verifications must be obtained from MOE, and/or MQA, as applicable.
  • The remaining period of study upon application must be more than 1 year.
  • The applicant must have Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN) savings account before applying for PTPTN loan.
2.  How to apply for PTPTN loan:
  • Please apply online via the PTPTN website.
  • You may refer to the IUMW guidelines for steps in applying online and documents that are needed for submission of PTPTN agreement.
  • The guidelines can be obtained from your assigned Course Consultant or from our website.

3. What should I do if I have updated incorrect information for my online application?
a) You are required to reapply for PTPTN if you made any of the following mistakes:

  • Input the incorrect monthly gross and net salary.
  • Input the incorrect name of institution.
  • Input the incorrect name of programme.
  • Input the incorrect intake date.

Step 1: Please fill up Borang Pembatalan dan Penolakan Tawaran Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN (downloaded from the PTPTN website) and submit it to any nearby PTPTN office.
Step 2: Buy a new pin number from Bank Simpanan Nasional.
Step 3: Apply online within the next application date.

b) You are required to update your information to the correct details if you made any of the following mistakes:

  • Input incorrect personal details.
  • Input the incorrect Bank/Bank account number.
  • Please fill up Borang Perubahan Maklumat Pelanggan (downloaded from PTPTN website) and submit it to any nearby PTPTN office.

4. Can I change a programme or major after my PTPTN loan has been approved?
You are encouraged not to change your programme or major after your loan has been approved by PTPTN. However, you may apply to continue the existing loan, provided your conversion of programme or major has been approved by the University and that you do not extend any of your semesters.

Documents that you would need to submit:

    • I. Fill up the Borang Permohonan Pertukaran Kursus form (downloaded from PTPTN website).
    • II. Offer letter and transcript for the new programme.
    • III. Offer letter and transcript from the previous programme.
    • IV. Confirmation letter which states that you are not repeating any semester.
  •       V. Completed form should be sent directly to any nearby PTPTN office.
5. Do students need to pay the tuition fees whilst applying for PTPTN loan?
Yes, students who are applying/ or who have applied for the PTPTN loan are required to pay their current outstanding fees by every 7th of the month. Confirmation of receiving the 1st PTPTN payment is only upon final approval from PTPTN after successful submission of documents.
6. How do I apply if I have a previous loan from PTPTN?
Kindly refer to section E for second time and subsequent loan applications

7. How much PTPTN loan will I get?
This will depend on the applicant’s financial background and/or the monthly income of the family.
You may refer to the table below as a guide:

Degree Programmes:


Income RangeTotal Loan Amount
BPN/BPR recipientsRM40,800
Income < RM8,000RM30,600
Income > RM8,000RM20,400


Income RangeTotal Loan Amount
BPN/BPR recipientsRM42,090
Income < RM8,000RM31,560
Income > RM8,000RM21,030

8. When is the expected disbursement of the PTPTN loan?

I. The loan disbursement will be credited directly to the student’s personal savings account with Maybank.
II. 1st payment will be made within 1 month after the successful submission of documents to PTPTN.
III. Subsequent payments will be made three times per academic year.
Please refer to the schedule below for the tentative dates of payment.

Semester *Payment Date
batch 1                 batch 2
Semester 1 24 Mar                  7 Apr
Semester 2 24 June                7 July
Semester 3 24 Oct                  7 Nov

*Please be advised that this payment schedule is subject to change
IV. The subsequent payments will be made available after PTPTN receives the confirmation from the University that the student is progressing into the following semester and has obtained a CGPA of 2.00 or above or a PASS in the previous semester

9. What will be the possible cause(s) of PTPTN loan disbursement suspension?
The disbursement of the loan will be suspended for any of the following reason(s):
I. Student obtained a GPA of less than 2.00/ 4.00 or FAIL in the previous semester.
II. Student defers his/ her studies.
III. Results from the previous semester are unavailable (e.g. pending internship report and graduation project)
Please refer to your academic department on the deadlines of reports before enrolment.
IV. Loan agreement has ended.
*Please note that PTPTN will not make repayment for any suspended loan disbursements.

10. What are the procedures to cancel the PTPTN loan after it has been approved?
Please fill up the Borang Pembatalan dan Penolakan Tawaran Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN (downloaded from PTPTN website) and submit it to any nearby PTPTN office.
11.What are the terms and conditions to apply for PTPTN loan repayment exemptions?
  • All conditions must be met.
  • Please check the PTPTN website at all times as the terms and conditions may change each year.
  • Please click this link https://www.ptptn.gov.my/pengecualian-bayaran-blk-side for further information.

  • I. Awarded with First Class Bachelor’s Degree by the Higher Education Institution.
    II. Attended full-time Bachelor’s Degree programme. III. Completed the programme within the period stated in the loan agreement.
    IV. Programme completed must be accredited by the MQA.
    V. The PTPTN loan does not overlap with any other sponsorship.
    VI. The application for exemptions must be submitted within 12 months from the date of your convocation.
    VII. Students must be under the B40 and M40 household’s income category upon graduation with effect from 1 January 2019.
    B40 – household income less than RM4,850/ month
    M40 – household income more than RM4,850 and less than RM10,959/ month
12. What is the PTPTN loan interest rate?
PTPTN loans are subject to a flat rate interest of 1%. .
13. Who should I call if I need more information about the PTPTN loan?
You may call/ email:

Contact Information Phone: (03) 2617 3220 / (017) 343 6959
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
Location: Lobby, Block A, Administration Wing, IUMW

(It is advised to email for an appointment due to the current endemic situation)
1. How do I apply for the PTPTN loan?
A course consultant will share the PTPTN loan application form before registration.
Students who wish to apply for the PTPTN loan should;
– complete the form
– submit the form, together with the BSN pin number to the Course Consultant.
A Financial Support Officer will assist with the PTPTN online application.
2. When should I submit the application form?
You are advised to submit during the registration period.
3. How do I know when the PTPTN loan application has been approved?
You will receive an SMS notification from the PTPTN within 7 days of the closing date or you may check the PTPTN website for the approval status.
4. Should I notify IUMW after receiving approval from PTPTN?
Yes – within 1 week of the application being approved by the PTPTN Office, you are required to submit 2 sets of certified PTPTN agreements and 1 copy of the offer letter to the Financial Support Office.
You also have to prepare RM20 for duty stamps. Payment can be made to the Financial Support Officer.
5. Who can certify the PTPTN documents?
Local authorities can certify the documents such as Government officers (Grade A – 41 and above), police authorities and commissioner of oath.
Alternatively, you can also request for the Financial Support Officer to certify the documents.
6. What is the eligibility for the full PTPTN loan?
Students’ eligibility is based on household income. The rates are as follows;
– 100%: For BR1M receivers (applicant/parent/caretaker)
– 75%: Household income less than RM8000
– 50%: Household income more than RM8000
7. When will the first payment be made?
Payment will be credited to the student’s account and debited instantly to IUMW Finance account within 14 days after PTPTN receives the agreement.
8. Under what circumstances can the PTPTN loan be held?
There are three (3) reasons;
– Student’s GPA is lower than 2.0
– Student receives disciplinary action from IUMW
– Student defers studies.

If the PTPTN loan is held, students will have to pay their own fees.
9. Under what circumstances can the PTPTN loan be terminated?
There are three (3) reasons;
– Student failsl to continue their studies (withdraw/terminated).
– Student receives other sponsorship
– Student changes programme
10. Who should I refer to for further information related to EPF withdrawal?
You can refer to the Financial Support Officer for more information:
– Phone: 0326173220/ 0173436959
– Email: [email protected]
– Office: Lobby, Block A, IUMW