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By Muhammad Shawal Abdul Rashid

Since the pandemic started last year, I took the chance to restart my reading habits. Being at home for what feels like 26 hours a day, there’s a need for me to escape the current reality and redirect my brain into something that is not numbing me down (yes I’m talking about le television). Enter: the book. This Song Will Save Your Life is a YA (young adult) book written by Leila Sales and to be honest, it’s a splendid book for those who want a light read. Well, somewhat “light”. This novel deals with a strong mental health depiction layered with a contemporary music selection that goes with what is happening within the plot. As a huge music buff, this is one of the reasons the book got my attention when I saw it in the bookstore.


Wanna know why I find this book interesting?


Aside from the standard YA trope, such as teen romance and quickly overcoming issues, the characters are realistically well-written. The main star of the novel, Elise Debowski, is one interesting character. Unlike most YA, this main character is not likeable but throughout the novel, you’re drawn to her story and why she is the way she is. At some point, you really want to grab her by the shoulders and snap her out of it. But that’s what makes this book good; it’s honest and doesn’t sugarcoat the issues; bullying, self-harm, depression, etc. Honestly, I would rate this book 3.5 over 5 stars: Enjoyable read even though at some parts it feels a little dragged out. Pick it up if you’re into the Fault in Our Stars, don’t pick it up if you’re into Angels & Demons.