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By Laura Evans

Psychology is a fascinating area of study, and whatever career you pursue, a psychology background will enhance your employability. But with a wide range of psychology degrees to choose from, what exactly makes a programme stand out?

Psychology at IUMW integrates research and hands-on expertise, producing high performing graduates ready to make an impact in a variety of industries. But more than that, the School of Science & Psychology teaches students how to challenge conventions and think outside the box through a combination of different learning approaches, designed to produce competent graduates from every angle.

Global Experience

IUMW psychology students benefit from studying a UK accredited programme, offered in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD). It is a single, jointly-delivered degree that leads to 2 separate certificates awarded by the 2 institutions. This partnership gives students the opportunity to spend a semester studying at UWTSD and to attend the UK graduation ceremony; experiences where students learn new cultures, expand their perceptions and build values that further enhance their grounding in Psychology. The school is continually strengthening existing and seeding new university partnerships with institutions across the globe for a variety of collaboration opportunities.

Industry Network

The School of Science & Psychology industry engagements range from small, single projects or initiatives to more strategic engagements where the institutions work together on a continuum of projects including internships, research collaboration and curriculum development. Recent industry engagements include partnerships with Avisena Specialist Hospital and community health centre SOLS Health. Our students have enjoyed intern opportunities at the Malaysian Government’s Health and Family Welfare Department, the National Sports Division, and Prince Court Medical Centre.

Enriched Learning

We know the benefit of extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. Our psychology students have been involved in practical programmes including classes with the elderly, teaching them Zoom, balloon making and embroidery. The school also has a partnership with the Great Heart Charity Association, and every semester students get the opportunity to reach out and give back to the community through different types of programmes while also putting what they learn in the classroom to practice.

Our students are also given the opportunity to work alongside professionals in many online activities such as the Suicide Prevention webinar with Befrienders, and Community Service Programmes webinar with SOLS Health, giving students the chance to establish valuable industry linkages and gain the right exposure.

Psychology in the Workplace

The psychology degree at IUMW covers industrial-organisational psychology, which deals with job productivity, job motivation, stress management, sales & marketing and organisational development. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, industrial-organizational psychology is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing psychology fields between 2018 and 2028. The U.S. Labor Department reports that this field will grow by 13% during that time, giving graduates a great job outlook.

Degrees are not created equally. When choosing where to study, it is important students consider more than just what’s on the curriculum. Learning that goes beyond the classroom is ultimately what can set you up for success beyond your university years.