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I'm an introvert who didn't want to limit myself, so I joined the rugby, netball and taekwondo club!

Juni Bussaina Gafino
Graduate, BBA (Hons) Human Resource Management
Management Trainee, HR Department, BCI Central Sdn Bhd

My favourite classes at IUMW

I loved practical classes the most. For example when we learned how to use SPSS, go to an expo to find information, walk around the IUMW campus for research, and even have to do real sales for assignments! Even during the pandemic, the assignments were quite fun! We had to present something for Training and Development and I came up with Basic Taekwondo Training. I was very happy at that time because I could share my knowledge with my friends. I also liked group study for tutorials; the lecturer gave the time to finish it before the class started, it was fun to be able to communicate with my friends!

How IUMW prepared me for my career

IUMW have the best lecturers who give suitable assignments based on our interest and are beneficial for our future careers. They are always willing to support their students when needed, and have no problem giving their time to have a conversation with us!

My favourite memory from IUMW

I am more of an introverted person; it’s often a struggle for me to reach out to people and make new friends. But I didn’t want to limit myself with this, so I joined the Netball Club, Rugby Touch, and the Taekwondo Club. From there, I got to know so many other students as well as my classmates. I was also the treasurer for the Netball Club, President and then became an Advisor for the Taekwondo Club. I’m happy to have had those challenging experiences.

Another great thing is that my brother also studies at IUMW and he joined the Rugby Club too and sometimes joined the Netball Club tournaments as well. He’s like a partner to me!

I also won the title of Best Dressed during the IUMW Annual Dinner, my brother got the Most Outstanding Students Award, and IUMW Taekwondo Club got the Most Active Club Award in 2019. Everything was perfect!

What I liked most about studying at IUMW

The lecturers, my friends, club members, and my brother. They are all the reasons I succeeded in my journey at IUMW.

How I felt graduating

I felt relieved! I believe everyone has their own struggles. During our studies, we want to do our best to make our parents proud. Keeping up with good results wasn’t an easy task for me since I was also so active in sports clubs. But Alhamdulillah, I kept improving and achieved the CGPA that my parents and I desired. When my parents are happy, I’m happy too!

My career so far

I’m currently working as a Management Trainee in the Human Resources Department. I love the current company I’m working with. My Regional HR Manager always supports me, advises, and even provides me with various types of training until now. When you have a good leader, you will be able to manage and work proactively. I want to hold my relationship with my Manager very tight and don’t feel like I want to let go easily. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with BCI Central Sdn Bhd!

IUMW summed up!

The relationship between the students and lecturers is good, the assignments were challenging and fun at the same time, and join any clubs that you desire because from there you are also able to develop skills in managing clubs or events and make a lot of new friends!

Juni HR Graduate IUMW
Juni HR Graduate IUMW