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Featured Workshop Associates

IAC 2021 Workshops will bring in top talent from different fields to give you a valuable learning experience. Participants get to learn and grow in their abilities, in an atmosphere that is lighthearted, exciting and inspiring.

Ascella Consulting Sdn Bhd

Virtual Learning Design and Delivery

Engaging students and workshop participants in a virtual environment comes with its own challenges, as what worked in a face-to-face environment may not apply in a virtual setting. Discover some of the ideas and strategies that can help you take your sessions to the next level in this workshop.


Entrepreneurial learning supported by EntreCompEdu

Entrepreneurial learning to enhance pedagogy and practice Malaysian Higher education to support the development of graduates fit for a post-covid technologically disrupted world.


OpenCreds: A Showcase of Industry-Backed Micro-Credentials

Unpacking the possibilities of micro-credentials for professional development and lifelong learning in a post-pandemic world. Join us for a showcase of interoperable, industry-recognised OpenCreds from leading providers in Australia and around the region

SELGATE Corporation