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IUMW 10th Anniversary

IUMW is celebrating 10 years since its formation in 2013, when it was born from a collaboration between Universiti Malaya and the University of Wales.

Join us as we celebrate this special milestone in our univqersity’s history. Students and staff will join our global community of alumni, friends and partners at UM, in Wales, and throughout the world to celebrate our achievements over the past decade.

In 2015, we graduated our first cohort of 6 postgraduate students. Just a decade later, we are a community of around 3000 students, staff and alumni. This celebration is dedicated to everyone who has been part of IUMW’s success over the last 10 years.

"We invite you to join us in our year-long celebration, as we move forward to a new era for the University"

IUMW Carnival Open Day Cosplay Competition
Zumba participants at the IUMW Carnival, August 2022
IUMW Carnival prize-giving
Prize-giving at the IUMW Carnival, August 2022
Prize-giving at the IUMW Carnival, August 2022

10th Anniversary Highlights

We will host many activities throughout 2023 to honour IUMW’s achievements from the last 10 years, as we also look forward to what lies ahead. We invite you to join our year-long celebration, as we move forward to a new era for the University.

Highlights include:

      • Carnival

The purpose of the carnival is to invite the public to join the IUMW community and enjoy a package of full entertainment with engaging activities, delicious food, and several programmes including:

  • Karaoke competition
  • Cosplay
  • Mini-concert
  • Tele-match & carnival games
  • Food trucks
  • Special activity: Breaking Malaysia Book of Records 
      • Sports Tournament

  • Two sports tournaments will take place; badminton and futsal. The tournaments are open to external participants from other schools, colleges,
    universities, or any external sports team. 
    The semi-final and final matches of each tournament will be open to the public
    so they can watch and support their teams!

      • Community Project

    We want to use our range of expertise to support and deliver impactful community-led projects that contribute towards a circular economy. The community project aims to support community partners such as a school, museum or charity on a specific brief they have set or look at a local challenge, such as environmental sustainability. Our teams will help with some research, deliver an event or create much-needed resources.

      • Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

  • The pinnacle of the 10th Anniversary will be the Gala Dinner which will be a
    formal occasion for staff, students, VIPs, partners and sponsors to join together
    and enjoy a special dinner, special performances, and awards ceremony.

    A night of entertainment, awards, and recognition will be the perfect way to end
    the celebrations on a high and leave a lasting impression of the celebration.

A Year-Long Celebration

Throughout 2023, there will be several events and activities that will cater to the different stakeholders of IUMW including students, staff, partners, the local community and the general public. The anniversary will be formally launched midyear with events running from August to December.

The events will reinforce the University’s values, goals, and culture. We will celebrate the many achievements from the last 10 years while strengthening the university community, and creating a sense of belonging. Together, we will embrace our new core values; P.A.S.S.I.O.N.

IUMW timeline 2023

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