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Biotech is the Future


Biocon Sdn Bhd under Quality Control Microbiology Department Graduate, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biotechnology

Biotech is The Future. Biotechnology is a very important field for so many reasons; including being at the forefront of producing vaccines and medicines. Therefore, I believe that Biotechnology is a very important field. In terms of how I see myself in the future, I would like to explore the various opportunities in the biotechnology field and see which would suit me best. 

Back when I was a student at IUMW, I was interviewed by Bernama as their scope was about perpaduan (harmony) and I was also able to share some of my insights as a student. I played badminton a lot and joined the badminton tournament held by IUMW which I was able to bring home a gold medal with me too. I also had the chance to volunteer for the SEA Games 2017. I would like to enjoy my university life better. I wish I was more active because once I started working the lifestyle changed. I would leave for work in the morning and back home by night which is a repetitive and tiring routine. So my advice is if you want to explore and learn new things the best time would be when you are a student!

Do whatever you like and if you are interested in biotechnology, go for it! Studying well and scoring is a benefit but I suggest this is the time for you to explore the fields and sub-sections in biotechnology. So, try to invest time to find out what suits you best.