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1. What do I need to do to apply for EPF withdrawal?
You should complete and submit the EPF withdrawal form to the Financial Support Office.
2. When will the Financial Support Office submit the application to the EPF office?
Upon receiving the application form, the Financial Support Officer will gather the documents below and submit everything to the EPF office within 7 working days.
New StudentReturning Student
- Offer Letter
- Statement of Account from Finance Dept.
- Offer Letter
- Results/Transcripts from the Exam Unit
- Statement of Account from the Finance Department
- Student Confirmation Letter
3. What is the processing time at the EPF office?
The processing time at the EPF office is within 14 working days.
4. Will I be notified when the payment is transferred to the university?
Yes, EPF will notify you of the payment transfer. You can then email the Finance department for a status update.
5. Who should I refer to for further information related to EPF withdrawal?
You can contact the Financial Support Officer; contact information:
Phone: 0326173220/ 0173436959
Email: [email protected]
Office: Lobby, Block A, IUMW